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Brazen Thieves Break Into Strip Club And Allegedly Steal $250K

A brazen burglary took place at an Atlanta strip club that netted the thieves approximately $250,000 in cash after they allegedly entered the venue through the roof.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, two people broke into the Onyx Gentlemen’s Club by using power tools to make their way into the venue on May 6. They were able to steal about $250,000 in cash after obtaining access to multiple safes, police officials said. Police have also stated that the theft took place around 4:16 a.m.

The Atlanta Police Department released a statement about the incident. After getting a phone call about the theft, the police officers were informed when they arrived at Onyx that two suspects wearing ski masks and gloves, had gotten inside through the ceiling. They allegedly crawled to the safes and may have used power tools to cut into them and stole around $250,000 in cash. Although alarms were present at the club, none were triggered and the thieves appeared to position the ATMs at the club face down. Yet, none of the ATMs were damaged or broken into. They allegedly left the venue about two hours after they broke onto Onyx.

Police have stated that the investigation is ongoing.

WSB-TV reported that three people who work at the club, and who asked not to be identified, stated that several surveillance cameras recorded the theft. They also mentioned that the suspects were seen running from the venue.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that police have not released the surveillance footage.

Attempts by WSB-TV to contact the Onyx Gentlemen’s Club via email, social media, and telephone were unsuccessful as the venue has not responded to the media outlet. WSB-TV also contacted the Atlanta Police Department, but due to the ongoing investigation into the robbery, a spokesperson declined to comment.

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