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DJ Akademiks Accused of Rape, Defamation in New Lawsuit

DJ Akademiks accused of rape
DJ Akademiks screenshot

*A woman is taking legal action against DJ Akademiks, alleging he and two other men sexually assaulted her in 2022.

Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe filed the civil lawsuit in New Jersey Tuesday, accusing Akademiks, whose real name is Livingston Allen, of rape and defamation. She claims he showed her surveillance footage of the alleged attack on the pool deck of his home and texted her to “get tested” after the incident. 

Abashe watched the video of her being assaulted by the two men, and “she looked like she was just lying there lifeless, which did not sit right with her,” read the lawsuit, Complex reports. She claims she initially opted to stay silent and refrained from pressing charges. However, she later reversed her decision after the allegations resurfaced towards the end of 2023.

Per USA Today, Tyrone Blackburn, Abashe’s lawyer, said in a statement, “Litigation is always the last resort. After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve this case privately, Ms Abashe was left with no choice but to file. Mr. Allen’s hubris will be his downfall.”

According to the lawsuit, Abashe first encountered DJ Akademiks in 2021 and briefly dated thereafter. During a visit to his home in 2022, the woman alleges that she was surprised to find two men present whom she had not anticipated.


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Here’s more from Complex: 

The two men then allegedly spiked her drink and continued serving her alcohol up until they raped her on the pool deck of Akademiks’ home. She then stated she was awoken at 4 a.m. by Akademiks “pulling her hair, prying open her legs, and brutally raping her” and she accused him of penetrating her anally and vaginally. 

Abashe claimed she begged Akademiks to stop, even to the point she was “crying for most of this assault but losing her ability to move physically.”

The lawsuit details how Akademiks hinted that the two males continued to rape Abashe inside the home after they assaulted her on the pool deck. According to the complaint, when police initiated a warrant search on the property, Akademiks had disposed of all the evidence, including the bedsheets. 

Abashe had a rape kit done, and traces of Akademik’s sperm were allegedly found. Authorities took photos of the bruises on her body, per the lawsuit. 

Per Complex, Abashe claims she possesses a “recorded wire call” where the media personality “graphically” recounted details of the “sexual intercourse” and “even going so far as to describe her vagina.”

The alleged victim claims Akademiks defamed her by “accusing her of voluntarily having an orgy with his friends at his home while maintaining that he never participated at all.”

The woman’s attorney is the same man who is representing Rodney Jones in his lawsuit against Diddy.

In a Rumble livestream Tuesday, DJ Akademiks said he is an “innocent man who has not ever been charged with anything of the sort that has to do with any deviancy or anything like that. Hasn’t been charged, will never be charged. That’s a fact.”

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